g-qbfcbx” Thank you, in two weeks you have given me so much relief from the pain I have been suffering for so many months which my doctor was unable to cure.

I have never tried acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine before but now can totally recommend it.  It has been worth every penny.  Thank you so much. “

Alan H

g-qbfcbx“I went to my doctor with shoulder pain and they didn’t know what it was.  I got refered to physio, they told me I had a frozen shoulder and they couldn’t do anything unless it was there for another 13 months, then they would offer me an operation.

A friend walked past Acu & HERBS Clinic and read the reviews and told me to go there. So I did, after 3 sessions there was a great improvement in both shoulders. Now my arms are back to normal.  I never believed after the months I had off work, that acupuncture would work, but it has and now I’m back to normal.  I highly recommend it to anyone with a frozen shoulder.”

K. Winstanley