g-qbfcbxI love going to see Dr Han. He is very friendly and welcoming.

I went in regards to my lower back and sciatic nerve. After 1 appointment I felt and noticed a difference. I had 3 more appointments and I am pain free and able to move without been in pain or discomfort.

Would recommend 100%.

Gemma R

g-qbfcbxI have suffered for about 10 years with ongoing chronic pain which is very hard to live with. I have tried various medications from the GP and Rheumatologist, but none of them were helpful, in fact, the medications made my condition so much worse with the side effects.

I booked a course of acupuncture, acupressure, tuina massage and Hot Cupping therapy, and from the very first treatment, I felt so much better!

Dr Han is a really lovely genuine caring man and I recommend him to all my friends.  ( read more … )

Ann A