What do our customers say about us:

IMG_3894” I came to Dr Han unable to walk far due to Arthritis in my knees.  Arising from chairs was extremely painful.

Now I have no pain at all. I still have some stiffness but who hasn’t at 82 years of age. Dr Han is really Brilliant! “

Trevor L Rollinson

g-qbfcbx” Dr Han treated me for infertility from June.  I became pregnant at the end of July after 8 acupuncture sessions over 8 weeks. 

I was absolutely delighted at this outcome as I had been trying to conceive for nearly 2 years prior to this.  I have no doubt that the acupuncture and herbs helped achieve this and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Han to anyone in the same situation. “

Lisa R

g-qbfcbx” My daughter suffers from eczema from when she was born and nothing really helped until I tried the herbal capsules from Acu & Herbs.

Within one month,  there was significant improvement with her skin.  I would recommend this clinic to anyone with similar problems. “

Fara A

g-qbfcbx” After 3 years of trying for a baby and numerous hospital tests I visited Acu & HERBS to give acupuncture ” a go “.

I was also advised that this would help with my upcoming IVF.   After 7 sessions I became pregnant — naturally !

Now I have my baby boy and tell everyone how much acupuncture helped me.  Thank you Dr Han !”

Susan H

g-qbfcbx” I have suffered with my sinuses for over four years now. After numerous tests and different medications from my G.P the end result was an operation to drain the fluid from my sinuses. This still did not work and I came here for help.

I was put on a course of acupuncture and herbs.  I began to feel better a couple of weeks into my treatment. The congestion in my nose and head eased, my asthma cleared up and my taste and smell began to return.   I would like to say thank you to the doctor for all your help.”

Tony. F

g-qbfcbx“I went to my doctor with shoulder pain and they didn’t know what it was.  I got refered to physio, they told me I had a frozen shoulder and they couldn’t do anything unless it was there for another 13 months, then they would offer me an operation.

A friend walked past Acu & HERBS Clinic and read the reviews and told me to go there. So I did, after 3 sessions there was a great improvement in both shoulders. Now my arms are back to normal.  I never believed after the months I had off work, that acupuncture would work, but it has and now I’m back to normal.  I highly recommend it to anyone with a frozen shoulder.”

K. Winstanley

g-qbfcbx“I had a frozen left shoulder and had a steroid injection at my local GP surgery. For nearly 2 weeks I could not move my shoulder or arm at all, as it was extremely painful.   

I booked 5 sessions and had treatment on both shoulders and arms at each session, it involved acupuncture + massage. After 5 sessions it felt so much better ( about 80% ) that I decided to book another 5.  I now feel it is back to normal and can now put both arms behind my back and reach high shelves etc again, which I had not been able to do before the treatment.”

J. Richardson