What do our customers say about us:

g-qbfcbx” I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in January 2014 after being ill for the previous 18 months. 

After months of trying various medicines and dietary changes will little effect, I came to see Dr. Han at Acu & Herbs in August 2014. He prescribed me some herbs in powder form which I started taking immediately by mixing them with warm water and within two weeks I was displaying no symptoms. 


L Parry

g-qbfcbx” I was treated with acupuncture for very painful Sciatica and pain for a back injury.

… …  after 6 sessions the sciatica disappeared.

I can thoroughly recommend acupuncture as a treatment that brings results, but also the quite professionalism and expertise of Dr. Zheng Han.” 


Mrs Walford

FH profile New Camera 034” When I first went to Dr Han I was in constant knee pain.  My right knee was so swollen that I could not walk down stairs without support.

Now, thanks regular treatment at Acu & Herbs, all that has changed.  I can even take a  walk on the moors.  I’m so grateful to Dr Han.”

Frances Hutchinson

IMG_3868” I came to Dr  Zheng Han with anxiety and asked for his help , he recommended a course of acupuncture. At first I was apprehensive but I was surprised at the way I felt after a few sessions.

I now could recommend this treatment as I now feel totally different more like the person I should be, carried out in a totally professional way and now recommend this treatment.”

Helen B

IMG_3906” I had a really bad rash round my mouth came to see Dr Han.

 I  took the herbs after 2 weeks it started to clear up.  After a couple of month, my eczema completely cleared up now.

Many thanks Dr Han.  I would recommend you to anyone. “

Jill Snowden

g-qbfcbx” Thank you, in two weeks you have given me so much relief from the pain I have been suffering for so many months which my doctor was unable to cure.

I have never tried acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine before but now can totally recommend it.  It has been worth every penny.  Thank you so much. “

Alan H

IMG_3894” I came to Dr Han unable to walk far due to Arthritis in my knees.  Arising from chairs was extremely painful.

Now I have no pain at all. I still have some stiffness but who hasn’t at 82 years of age. Dr Han is really Brilliant! “

Trevor L Rollinson

g-qbfcbx” Dr Han treated me for infertility from June.  I became pregnant at the end of July after 8 acupuncture sessions over 8 weeks. 

I was absolutely delighted at this outcome as I had been trying to conceive for nearly 2 years prior to this.  I have no doubt that the acupuncture and herbs helped achieve this and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Han to anyone in the same situation. “

Lisa R

g-qbfcbx” My daughter suffers from eczema from when she was born and nothing really helped until I tried the herbal capsules from Acu & Herbs.

Within one month,  there was significant improvement with her skin.  I would recommend this clinic to anyone with similar problems. “

Fara A

g-qbfcbx” After 3 years of trying for a baby and numerous hospital tests I visited Acu & HERBS to give acupuncture ” a go “.

I was also advised that this would help with my upcoming IVF.   After 7 sessions I became pregnant — naturally !

Now I have my baby boy and tell everyone how much acupuncture helped me.  Thank you Dr Han !”

Susan H