Michael Stal

photo  Dr Zheng Han is kind, relaxed, courteous & helpful. He’s very advanced in his knowledge of acupuncture.

In the past 3 years I’ve seen him 10 times, what he does is so effective. I’ve suffered severe chronic back pain for around 15 years, I’ve seen chiro/physio, had facet-joint injections, all repeat treatments because of intense pain that just won’t go away. Left leg & lower back, pins & needles, cramping up, going numb & weak etc. After first treatment, I would say all symptoms were reduced by 70%, I couldn’t believe it. The week after he treated me again I was just about pain free for 3 months!

Dr Han’s treatment is so relaxing & effective, he definitely is the real deal, trained in China he’s practiced for some 20 years or so now. Authentic traditional acupuncture, a deep massage & then cupping, all leaves you very relaxed & revitalised.

Dr Han is very very good at alleviating pain & relaxing you! Thank goodness I found this guy!!