What do our customers say about us:

I suffer from an autoimmune disease which heightened my chances of miscarriages. I have had two rounds of acupuncture which I believe has helped to reduce my anxiety and stress, conceive naturally, and prevent miscarriages.

Unlike other services that offer acupuncture, Acu&HERBS are very thorough and treat each patient individually rather than adopting a “one size fits all” approach. Subsequently, it didn’t feel “money grabbing” either.

Not only have I achieved my goals of having a successful pregnancy, I have given birth to a beautiful and healthy girl, I have also gained a lovely friend. Thank you Zheng for making my dreams a reality. God bless you.

This treatment is highly recommended.

Laila Ashleigh

g-qbfcbxI recommend this great man all the time.

He has treated our family for sciatica, tennis elbow, constant sinus infections and laterly a dislocated shoulder. We have all had the most amazing and long lasting results.

Thank you Dr Zheng Han

D Booth

g-qbfcbxI love going to see Dr Han. He is very friendly and welcoming.

I went in regards to my lower back and sciatic nerve. After 1 appointment I felt and noticed a difference. I had 3 more appointments and I am pain free and able to move without been in pain or discomfort.

Would recommend 100%.

Gemma R

I’ve had two treatments now with Acu & Herbs, to help treat Chronic Fatigue, chronic headaches and depression, which I’ve had for about 8 years on and off.

After just one acupuncture session I felt really different – physically and mentally lighter, more positive and optimistic. My energy and mood improved almost straight away, and has been steadily improving since. I’m also taking herbs to treat my liver, and they are not as bitter as I was warned, quite palatable actually!

Dr Han is very gentle but clear-sighted and professional. I will be continuing my treatment as Acu & Herbs and would recommend them highly to anyone seeking complementary health support.

Sarah C

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 22.22.25I have had sciatica for over a year and was recommended by a friend to try acupuncture with massage. Eight weeks later I can touch my toes again and do short runs without pain.

Dr Han is amazing. I was very skeptical as have had bad experiences in the past but would definitely advise anyone to drop in and have a chat, whatever the problem. He is a polite professional man and I am so glad to have been treated by him.

I can’t thank him enough, I have my life back.

J Eyre

g-qbfcbx After suffering progressively worse migraines for 20 years and having found conventional medicines of little use I sought the help of Dr Han at Acu & Herbs.

I am so glad I did as the severity and the frequency of the migraines has reduced to a point where I am now able to enjoy life again. Dr Han offers a professional service from diagnosis to a full course of treatment – all delivered in a caring and sympathetic way. I had acupuncture, herbs and massage over 10 sessions and the improvement in my health was apparent from the first session.

In addition and unlike conventional medicines there are no adverse side effects. By the end of the treatment I felt better than I had done for many years. I have no hesitation in recommending Acu & Herbs.


Antony P

photo  Dr Zheng Han is kind, relaxed, courteous & helpful. He’s very advanced in his knowledge of acupuncture.

In the past 3 years I’ve seen him 10 times, what he does is so effective. I’ve suffered severe chronic back pain for around 15 years, I’ve seen chiro/physio, had facet-joint injections, all repeat treatments because of intense pain that just won’t go away. Left leg & lower back, pins & needles, cramping up, going numb & weak etc. After first treatment, I would say all symptoms were reduced by 70%, I couldn’t believe it. The week after he treated me again I was just about pain free for 3 months!

Dr Han’s treatment is so relaxing & effective, he definitely is the real deal, trained in China he’s practiced for some 20 years or so now. Authentic traditional acupuncture, a deep massage & then cupping, all leaves you very relaxed & revitalised.

Dr Han is very very good at alleviating pain & relaxing you! Thank goodness I found this guy!!

Michael Stal

g-qbfcbxI have suffered for about 10 years with ongoing chronic pain which is very hard to live with. I have tried various medications from the GP and Rheumatologist, but none of them were helpful, in fact, the medications made my condition so much worse with the side effects.

I booked a course of acupuncture, acupressure, tuina massage and Hot Cupping therapy, and from the very first treatment, I felt so much better!

Dr Han is a really lovely genuine caring man and I recommend him to all my friends.  ( read more … )

Ann A

IMG_4932I came to see Dr Han in 2015 for treatment as I had had 2 miscarriages and was struggling to get pregnant again.

The sessions were really relaxing and enjoyable.  

After only 11 sessions, I found out I was expecting.  I am now 4 weeks away from delivering my little girl and we are over the moon.       

Thank you Dr. Han! 

Samantha Smith

IMG_4946I came to see Dr Han after I’d started IUI treatment with my first child which had been unsuccessful.   After about 9 sessions acupuncture treatment, I had IUI again and it worked.

I came to see Dr Han again before my IVF treatment with our second child, and the IVF treatment worked 1st time!

I would recommend Dr Han to anyone — he is fantastic!

Amy F